Announcing Fireproof’s Masterclass Course!

It’s Business Management for Lawyers with Mike
Morse and John Nachazel as your Business
Coaches. Content-filled videos and helpful
resources make this course a must view.

Fireproof Membership: 1 Year Commitment

A Fireproof Membership includes:

  • The Fireproof Masterclass: A course with weekly content
  • Bonus lessons on hot topics like intake and malpractice
  • Office hours with coaches for Q&A
  • Fireproof Ninety Software that runs effective meetings and allows you to capture notes and action items
  • Private online Fireproof group for Q&A and networking
  • Monthly Mastermind session planned by Fireproof coaches
  • The ability to train new hires with Fireproof principles
  • Guided videos with matching resources, guides, worksheets, action item checklists, etc. (including real-life Mike Morse Law Firm examples)

Learn more about the masterclass

What you’ll accomplish for your firm
as a Fireproof Masterclass Member:

  • A long-term vision for your firm and a mid-term and short-term plan for
    how to achieve it
  • A system to drive firm growth and encourage staff accountability
  • An operable Law Firm Jumbotron
  • A Law Firm operations toolkit complete with:
    • Law firm processes that make up a firm manual
    • Law firm staff job descriptions
    • A more robust professional network


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