Henry Reaves





4.9 out of 5
(250+ global ratings)

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“This is an amazing read for law firm owners! So much wisdom and practical lessons packed in this book.”

Elise Buie, ★★★★★ Review 8/16/20

“If you have an 800 pound marketing gorilla in your market, don’t give up. Order this book and learn how it can be done. I wish I had this book 45 years ago when I started my law practice.”

Brent Adams, ★★★★★ Review 7/6/20

“As the founder of my own personal injury law firm, I am constantly seeking new ways to make us better. This book provided invaluable guidance in clear, concise and easy to apply lessons and principles. I am a huge fan.”

Amazon, ★★★★★ Review 7/14/20

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“Anecdotes and vignettes about the Mike Morse Law Office woven together with sound business and marketing principles that can serve law firms — or probably any firms — that are seeking growth and stability.”

M. Goodrich-Stuart, ★★★★★ Review 7/25/20

“Mike and John deliver valuable guidance and learning lessons to building a multi-million dollar practice… While most firm owners will unfortunately fail to apply these lessons to their own practice, those who do will benefit tremendously. Strongly recommend!”

Michael Mogill, ★★★★★ Review 7/18/20

“I might even go so far to say life changing…
It’s a must read if you are a firm managing partner looking to grow your firm.”

C. Flynn, ★★★★★ Review 10/2/20

“A must read and should be on the required reading list for all law school students. Perfect gift for the attorney in your life! Secure your copy now, read, and apply…see you in the Winner’s Circle!”

JAR, ★★★★★ Review 7/29/20

“I’m actively reviewing and making more changes and am seeing major results.
Don’t just buy the book — implement the advice and take your practice places you only dreamed about.”

Jason A. Waechter, ★★★★★ Review 7/8/20